Tips for Those Who Will Go for Hajj

Before choosing the Hajj or Umrah package on, it would be better to know this. For those of you who can perform the Hajj or Umrah, of course, are lucky people, because of course we also know it together that not everyone will have the opportunity to go to worship in the Holy Land. So from that, of course, the success of going to worship in the Holy Land will be the main thing that is very important to pay attention to, because opportunities may not be obtained twice.

One of the factors that cause a person to be reluctant to go on Hajj is due to ignorance of the conditions when performing Hajj. Both when taking care of letters in the country, when departure is embarked, what should be done when it has arrived in the holy land, and so on. For those who are laymen, the shadow of the pilgrimage is to be among thousands of prospective pilgrims from all over the world, in strange places, and in a hot climate. What happens if I get lost?

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