The proper hand position and grip for holding a golf stick

To be able to produce maximum punch accuracy and strength, you can follow the simple way of holding golf clubs like the following. In the meantime, you may visit when you’re looking for a great golf course in Thailand.

Adjust the location of the hand

The first step to holding a golf club properly is to arrange the hand laying and right hand. Make sure the golf stick handle is in the left hand with the top of the stick still visible outside about 1/2 inch on the base of the hand.

Whereas for the right hand, place it on the front or bottom of the left hand with the stick handle right in the base of the fingers. So, the base of the thumb of the right hand is just above the thumb of the left hand when the hand is holding the stick. In this position the stick is on the ground in a straight position in front of the player and the face part is pointing at the ball to be hit.

The grip resembles the letter “V”

When doing the method of holding this golf stick, the index and thumb fingers look like they form the letter “V”. The grip resembles the letter “V” formed by the right hand towards the right ear as well as the left-hand grip.

Like standing in front of a clock, the stick held toward the twelve and the thumb on the stick leads to one o’clock. The player’s viewpoints down precisely to the books of the index and middle fingers on the handle of the golf stick.

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