The importance of SEO for marketing

SEO is very important if you want to be marketing in the modern era, in contrast to digital marketing, mastering deeper SEO is an obligation. As marketers, you are required by startups and e-commerce to understand how keywords and backlinks affect a website. Understand how search engines work. All knowledge is in SEO. You don’t need to be difficult to participate in creating content, because some companies must have their own content writer. Meanwhile, the seo company new york city is very recommended.


Then, why is SEO so important for the company? Especially companies that rely on websites as the only platform?

Can increase brand awareness and business visibility

1 in 2 millennials finds and buy a new brand from a search engine. If with your website SEO can be the top in the search engine, the possibility of a brand from a business to be famous will be even greater. The more frequent appearance of websites from a brand will also increase credibility, which will lead to a brand recall for consumers.

This can make a brand able to offer products smoothly through things that people need. A brand only needs to appear when someone searches for a product that you have. You don’t need to make sure they need the product or service that you offer. You only need to convince consumers that your brand is the most appropriate to buy.

Give the best ROI

SEO can provide the best Return on Investment (ROI) to a business. The website that is the top in search engines can get 33% engagement from visitors. Because of this, companies that invest in SEO properly can get more ROI than paid ads or Social Media Marketing (SMM). Even with prices that can be cheaper than other marketing methods.

Because SEO is a form of investment, a brand will not be able to take advantage of SEO in a short time because SEO is a long-term tactic.

Increase traffic

With SEO, your website will have a good ranking in search engines that can increase traffic to a brand’s website. Increased traffic can have an impact on many things, such as increasing brand awareness, increasing the likelihood of your product being purchased, and using Adsense as an additional income.

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