Can ayahuasca heal depression?

It’s actually still in a debate among many people about the efficiency of Ayahuasca to cure depression. It’s understandable that many people have given their testimonies about the excellent Ayahuasca treatment, just like the one at that you can browse online. Despite the fact that it can cure drugs addiction by cleansing the body from the toxins, there are many south-American people who believe that Ayahuasca can heal more than just the human body.

The way it works in our brain is also amazing due to the psychedelic effect. It renders those who consume it to fall into a deep hallucination, and many of the patients describe it as a journey into the inside of their own mind. The way it opens the gate to enter your own subconsciousness has been stated by many people to be scary, but it helps them to deal with their own depression directly by embracing them inside their own mind.