The amazing detailed description of the Human Embryo in the Quran

For hundreds of years, the scholars and the scientists in the history have tried so many methods to figure out how the human babies are developed inside of their mother’s womb. From the barbaric and cruel experimentation on the living human beings during the war times, up to the more civilized researches, our scientists back in the old days still haven’t managed to know the proper and detailed information regarding the Human Embryo. However, the Muslim’s holy book, the glorious Quran has managed to answer that question around 1400 years ago. Meanwhile, you can try the online Arabic learning if you want to understand Quran fast.

Such an amazing information is written in the Quran chapter 23, verses 12-14. It is a verse which specifically mentioned the detailed information regarding the growth of the human embryo inside of the mother’s womb. Not only that, it’s even describing it to the finest detail, such as referencing its form like the shape of a leech. For such an outstanding and perfectly described information to existing around 15 centuries ago, that kind of information isn’t compatible with the scientific knowledge of the 7th century. Therefore, this made so many Muslims and non muslims alike to believe that it’s actually the words of God, who is called by Allah in Islam.