The Danger of Cervical Cancer

Cancer of the womb is like a frightening specter for every woman. In recent times more and more women have cervical cancer. And this certainly makes you also feel afraid, is not it? Actually what the heck that causes us to get uterine cancer? There are several factors that may cause it. You can visit hope4cancer to get more information about cancer. According to experts, several factors cause women to have cervical cancer:

– The number of women does not recognize and rarely do pap smears
Pap smears are very important for women to know the health of the womb. Many women often underestimate this part of the body, a pap smear is not an important thing. And this is what became one of the causes of cervical cancer cases found late.

– Weak immune system
Not everyone has a good immune system. However, normal women generally have a balanced immune system. Those who suffer from HIV / AIDS are people who are prone to cervical cancer. Why? Their immune condition is very weak, so various viruses can thrive in their bodies. Often those who suffer from HIV / AIDS are dying not because of the HIV virus, but because of other causes, one of them is uterine cancer.

– Age 40 Years and Over
Increasing age, the body is susceptible to various diseases. Doctors often suggest that we take care of what we consume and exercise regularly. Consumption of vegetables and fruits are able to maintain the balance of our body and help regenerate the body’s cells. With the right consumption menu and healthy, automatically we will become healthier because the body cells are always young. Viruses and all sorts of diseases will not be easy to infect. For that, we are starting to turn 40 years of age, more carefully choose what will be consumed and diligent-diligent exercise regularly.

– Switch between partners
In addition susceptible to the HIV / AIDS virus, those who frequently alternate couples susceptible to cervical cancer. Especially if the couple suffers from the disease, transmission of the disease through intercourse is easier to occur. For that, we should start now be careful and wiser and faithful to our spouse.