Do You Choose Veneer for the Cosmetic Dentistry?

Carlsbad Dentists can help you even get the best quality cosmetic dentistry. If you then think of choosing veneer, here is what you should first know. Veneers are generally made of resin or porcelain and will stick permanently to the teeth. In contrast to dental implants or crown teeth, veneers only cover the front, do not replace the teeth entirely. Dental implants replace teeth to their roots, while crown teeth cover all parts of the crown, not just the front.

Dental veneer installation procedures in patients can be done prep or no-prep or at least prep. In the installation of a prep gear veneer, the part of the tooth that will be installed by the veneer will be crushed first until it reaches the bottom layer of the tooth enamel so that the veneer is properly installed. The crushed tooth will change its shape permanently and often this procedure is quite painful, so it must be assisted with anesthesia or local anesthesia. Whereas the installation of a no-prep veneer only changes a little tooth enamel and does not crush the bottom of the tooth enamel. Installation of no-prep veneers does not require local anesthesia.