Plans to Do for Your Hosting and Website

Going to to get the best service for your hosting needs. When planning to build a website, and of course the website requires hosting, then you need to plan a web hosting plan. What plans need to be done?


Bandwidth is the amount of data that a website can transfer within a certain period of time. Bandwidth is very closely related to the speed of the website itself. The more bandwidth, the faster the site can open and operate.


Uptime is a calculation of the time when the server keeps hosting actively and running normally.

Storage space

Storage space is the amount of storage space provided by web hosting service providers. Storage space is needed to store website data consisting of text, images, audio, video, and so on. The size of this storage space is determined by measuring megabytes.

Customer Service

Customer service is needed for customer support. This form of service is usually in the form of chat, telephone, email, and others. Customer service is very useful for supporters and provides solutions when there are technical problems or other problems related to the website.

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